Accessible Venice?

Now it's possible with our 24 service for citizens as well as tourists.

Where you want it, when you want it

Skilled staff and fully equipped vehicles grant you a fast service and a all day long assistance.

Ci mettiamo in gioco!

Partecipa anche tu al nostro miglioramento: aiutaci con le tue idee e le tue segnalazioni a contribuire alla nostra crescita.

A tailored service

Over 20 years' experience in health and social transportation guarantee a quality service that meets any customer's need.

Our strengths


Accessible Venice

Our mission has always been to make such a peculiar city as Venice fully accessible to every citizen or tourist with disabilities


Efficiency and dynamism

Trained, qualified and always updated staff; fully equipped means of transportation; constantly supervised response times


24 hour a day service

We are available round the clock, 365 days per year with our assisted transport services as well as with setting up health paramedic units

See for yourself

Do you need any further assistance? Call us +39 041 5239977

About us

Our company for over twenty years has planned and arranged a water and road trasport service for persons with disabilities.
This service id available both to the public and to the private customers. In the public sector Sanitrans contributes, in agreement with te Veneto Region, to the "Accessibility in Venice" project, offering a 24h direct transportation service.

Contact us

  • Cannaregio Fond.ta Guglie 1091/A 30121 VENEZIA
  • +39 0415239977