Audits, quality and accessibility


Sanitrans Sanitrans implements a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2008 and VertiAble. UNI EN ISO 9001 is a voluntary international set of standards that helps companies improve their business practices. The basic principles in Quality Managemente are Customer care and continuous improvement that is gained through these steps: measuring of effectiveness of service's fulfillment through objective progress indicators; analisys of customers satisfaction and noncompliance; Management's assessment of feedback informations coming from System's implementation (System Review); enforcement of improvement actions based on the Review's results. Our Company has also implemented a new project called "Management System for Accessibility and Usability - VeritAble Model". This model, that complements the already existing Quality Management System, aims at make access to servces and structures more accessible to persons with disabilities. One of the main goals of this Model is customers involvement in identifying possible problems connected to Accessibility of service and structures, so that improvement actions can be set up. We take the opportunity to kindly invite you to send us any suggestion about Accessibility and Usability through our dedicated page.

About us

Our company for over twenty years has planned and arranged a water and road trasport service for persons with disabilities.
This service id available both to the public and to the private customers. In the public sector Sanitrans contributes, in agreement with te Veneto Region, to the "Accessibility in Venice" project, offering a 24h direct transportation service.

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